Saturday, September 8, 2012

'Cause My New Year starts on Sept.

Hi there!

I have always believed that new year begin on September rather than on January!

In fact, in September with regret we have to say goodbye to the sea, to carefree days and relax in order to return the normal life....but..everytime our life changes after summer.

During summer days we normally meet new (inspirational?) people, we read magazines with advice and exhortations, we get a nice tan so at the end we feel excited and ready to start with some innovation in our life...

A different look, a different flat, a different hobby...for me most of the new project are born in this period of the year.

When I was a child in September I used to buy all the new items for school such as diary, pens, colors, notebooks and I convinced myself that I would be the perfect student this time 'cause with all this marvelous stuff it couldn't be different! :P

In these days the web is filled with back to school make-up or style tutorial, magazines suggest to don't stop doing sport, to drink relaxing tisanes and to arrive to the office with a new spirit!

But let's go see how our September can be magic in order to have a not stressful (or gloomy) return to our routine-days.

1 Yes, probably the hardest part of our re-entry is to go back to work and if you think there will also be present that collegue you hate is just worst!

Just learn to ignore him or try to explore his positive characteristics! Maybe he could become a friend for you!

At the end of every work day review your schedule for the next day, clean and tidy up your morning you will be more fresh!

Do you want a new style for you flat?
      Go to IKEA and recreate a look for your with colors and decorations... and why not? Add a little of green in your rooms! This can bring great benefits to your health (do you know that succulents absorb magnetic radiation?) and to your mind!

3 Create a to do list with some project you have for the year (a party, a travel, a new work proposal, ...).This is a  customizable list so don't worry if your project will change :P

4 Subscrive to a gym, a swimmingpool or take dance lessons.
I suggest you a half-hearly or annual subscription, so you don't miss appointment becouse of laziness (since you have paid your lessons) and you will see soon some result. There are a lot of strange activities to try... zumba, parkour, pilates, burlesque!!! Dares!

5 Search some new tv program or series to passionate about during this new year!
Actually, I do this often during the year!:P
So romantic!

Find some nice place to go eat out or to just spent your afternoons or evening such as a new cafè in wich you can drink your cappuccino while reading or I don't know what!

Or, take a breath, keep calm and...move to London as I will!!! be continued...

NB: All the images you see in this post are not my property. If someone will be resented, let me know this and I will remove them.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reflex: questa sconosciuta! parte II - Il bilanciamento del bianco

Tempo di vacanze, tempo di fotografia!
Ma c'è una questione che attanaglia migliaia (forse sto esagerando) di fotografi provetti: 
il bilanciamento del bianco!
Sì, esatto! Avete presente quando le foto che fate acquisiscono automaticamente (ovvero senza che nessuno glielo abbia chiesto) quel bruttissimo colore giallo-ittero? 
Bilanciamento del bianco.
Avete presente quando vedendo la foto che avete scattato a quel ragazzo tanto carino in vacanza, la vostra migliore amica risponderà: "Ah si, bello bello.......Ma è cinese?"
Bilanciamento del bianco!
Questo succede perché ogni fonte luminosa ha una propria temperatura che può variare dal rosso al blu e la nostra reflex spesso non le riconosce come dovrebbe.
Vediamo quindi come risolvere questo problema, ridando alle foto la loro tonalità autentica, con questa mini-lezione! Se vi siete persi le prima...potete trovarla qui! ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

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